Policy of IMS

GloboPlastt s.r.o. based on achieved results in integrated management system, in development of company and customers´ satisfaction of products quality, in extention of range of products and environmental protection, in ensuring conditions for health and safety at work; states these main intentions of integrated policy.

  • In the area of products´ quality the objectives of company are to ensure customers´s satisfaction and to achieve that there would be minimal number of claims due to non-quality of products; to decrease the consumption of raw materials and energy for a production unit by improving the production process and to ensure minimal waste of the production process which will be used for further recyclation.
  • In the area of environmental protection the objective of company is to take effective measures for elimination of environmental aspects which can have negative impact on employees' health or can cause pressure on environment and work environment.
  • The company will continue to create conditions for compliance of applicable environmental laws and prevent from polluting the environment
  • In the area of health and safety at work the objective of company will be to focus attention on prevention from injuries at work, to regularly evaluate a Registry of potential risks and to take effective measures to eliminate them to ensure safe and social climate for employees´ satisfaction.
  • For realisation of these main objectives of IMS Policy, the company will continually provide employee trainings to involve them into intention fulfillment and to lead them to take responsibilities and interest in company´s objectives fulfillment.
  • Management of company undertakes that these objectives will be furtherly processed into goals for calendar years and their fulfillment will be regularly evaluated.


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